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Live a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle while looking and feeling your best
Develop a strong relationship with your body through the power of nutrition and wellness habits
Learn how to stock your kitchen, grocery shop + meal prep easy staple recipes
Find movement that makes you feel strong, energized and healthy
Make strides toward non-toxic living and learn more about healthy alternatives
Find freedom with food and dine out confidently

The evolv holistic health & nutrition coaching method

a wellness-from-within approach:

home: the place where transformation happens.
habits: the way in which the transformation happens.

What to expect:

+ M-F accountability 1:1 check-in + support
+ 30-minute weekly call to discuss goals, progress + action plan
+ Holistic nutrition and macronutrient guidance
+ Integrative wellness plan and educational resources: routines, recipes and non-toxic product recs
+ Individualized workout program fit for your goals
+ Access to Studio E workout classes + meditations
+ Community group chat access
+ Evolv app access
+ Detailed Meal Tracking
+ Habit, Workout & Result Tracking
+ In-App Messaging with Clarissa
+ Integration with MyFitnessPal
+ Apple Watch + FitBit Syncing


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This program is a minimum 3-month minimum commitment to build lifelong habits and allow time to see results.
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You won't hear me say

workout 7 Days a week
Restrict foods you love
Never Eat out
All work no play
Eat 1200 calories

You Will hear me say

Progress over perfection
Take a rest day
Find balance on your plate
Add play into every day

Kindness from my clients

Clarissa, you have changed my life! You are so amazing!

In the last 3 months I have learned so much from you. I learned new habits that have become part of my everyday routine because of YOU! Your words of encouragement, your support, the consistency and love you show motivated me to believe in myself every day and night.

This program is great because you guide people step by step to get to their individual goals! The meal ideas, the work outs and the daily check ins you do helped me keep myself accountable! My cup was always full with your guidance and support! Thank you Clarissa! This definitely was not easy but with your help, I feel confident, stronger and healthier than ever before!

- Mayra R.

If you’ve been searching for a guiding light in your wellness journey, look no further. Navigating health and nutrition on your own can easily start to feel overwhelming — but Clarissa meets you exactly where you’re at in your journey, and gently guides you towards optimizing your routine and habits in a way that feels sustainable and understandable.

This isn’t your typical fitness program — it’s a deep-dive into your overall well-being. From learning how eating certain foods can help you reach your body goals, to reflecting on what truly brings you joy in your everyday, working with Clarissa will leave you feeling more empowered and connected to your mind, body, and soul!

One of my favorite parts of the program was the morning voice notes — like a good morning text from your significant other, but sunshine-energy accountability partner version: the little nudges of encouragement every morning really helped set the tone for my days. If you’re looking to up-level your life and evolve into the best version of you, Clarissa is your girl 💛

- Aili M.

I’m a pretty athletically-determined person by nature, but I struggled with having clear goals around nutrition and did a lot of guess work prior to working with Clarissa. Working with Clarissa made me more intentional and focused with my nutritional and physical goals simultaneously. What I wasn’t expecting but was definitely an added bonus was the mental and spiritual goals thrown into the mix of gathering a more well rounded wellness experience.

I’m so happy to have found Clarissa to really help take myself to the next level. Sometimes you just need a person to see yourself from a Birds Eye view to show you the path to inner and outer greatness and I know with the tools she’s giving me now, I’ll be able to carry on into the rest of my life, which is priceless!

- Amy P.

Clarissa has been an incredible asset on my journey towards better nutrition and overall health. Her guidance and expertise have been invaluable. What sets Clarissa apart is her sustainable approach to nutrition. Instead of aggressive restrictions, she focuses on making thoughtful adjustments that fit seamlessly into my lifestyle.

From educating me on how to make smarter food choices, including identifying the best brands at the grocery store, to going through my restaurant menus to help me make the best (& tasty) selections, Clarissa has been hands-on and dedicated from day one. She listens, holds me accountable, and is the biggest encourager. Her support and knowledge have truly transformed the way I approach my days, and I'm immensely grateful for her guidance.

- Lexi S.

A “you-empowered” approach:

"When you work with Clarissa, you are the one constant and you are the center of every action. You work together closely to find routines, meals and workouts that fit into your lifestyle and your preferences. You always have the power to change your life and Evolv is your home to feel supported throughout the process."

I'm Ready to get Started

Better living starts with daily habits and my hope is to create a welcoming and supportive community where you can find balance, Confidence, and inner strength.

I believe that the wisdom and self-awareness gained through mindful movement can have a positive impact on all areas of life, and I am dedicated to helping my clients integrate this into their daily lives.

My commitment to wellness extends beyond the mat and I hope to share that with you!


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